2 Out of 4 Zodiac Ciphers Remain Unsolved

The Zodiac Taunted The Public During His Serial Killing Spree 

The Northern California serial murders that took place over the 1960s and 1970s have held a place in the hearts and minds of the American public for decades. The Zodiac Killer case, named for the nickname the killer gave himself, remains unsolved. Although the Zodiac taunted the public with his letters and ciphers, even hinting that his identity could be revealed if one of his ciphers were to be cracked, his identity remains a mystery approximately 50 years later. 

Supposed “Solution” To The Final Two Zodiac Ciphers Is Likely False 

Although French business consultant Fayçal Ziraoui has recently claimed to solve the final two Zodiac ciphers, it’s increasingly unlikely that his “solutions” have truly cracked the code. 

Why Are The Final Ciphers So Hard To Crack? 

It’s been approximately 50 years since the last time we heard from the killer who called himself “the Zodiac,” and yet two of the four ciphers he sent in his cryptic, taunting, and often threatening letters remain unsolved. Why? 

The issue is that the final two ciphers are so short. Cipher Z13 has only 13 characters and cipher Z23 has only 23 characters. The fewer characters in a cipher, the fewer chances there are for repetition, and thus the more difficult cracking said cipher becomes. On top of this issue, Ziraoui’s solutions to the last two Zodiac ciphers seem to be forced to suit the answers he wanted. 

The response of our own Tom Voigt to these supposed solutions is as follows: “This poor guy is such an egomaniac that he thinks he’s going to spend a little bit of time and solve a 52-year-old case using smoke and mirrors.”  

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Of course, even though the most recent attempt to crack the Zodiac Killer’s final ciphers seems to be a bust, that doesn’t mean that the answers might not be out there. Answers are most likely to be found through a thorough examination of the facts about the Zodiac Killer case, and not through entertaining flights of fancy. You can familiarize yourself with the Zodiac Killer case facts when you read Zodiac Killer: Just the Facts. 

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