A Cry For Help From The Zodiac 

The Zodiac Killer Still Haunts Us Today 

Decades after this murdering spree in Northern California, the actions and words of the Zodiac Killer still haunt us. Although he may never be identified, there are still those who are dedicated to trying to reveal his identity and understand the mysterious figure of the Zodiac Killer. What hints as to who he was may yet still be uncovered in the ciphers and letters he wrote? 

The Zodiac Killer Sends A Cry For Help? 

The Zodiac Killer is well known for the letters he sent to the public – most often to newspaper publications in the Northern California area. In his letters, he would often mock police efforts to find him, demand for his words to be published in the newspapers he wrote to, and threaten to find more victims to kill if his demands were ignored. His tone in most letters can best be described as taunting, confident, and threatening. However, on December 20th, 1969, the letter he sent to Melvin Belli differed drastically in tone. 

In what some may consider a shocking turn of events, The Zodiac wrote to Melvin Belli seeking help. Melvin Belli was a well-known attorney who lived in San Francisco. The Melvin Belli letter opens with the Zodiac wishing Belli a happy Christmas. He then pleads with Belli – “please help me.” He then suggests that he has been unable to reach out for help because something “in” him won’t let him. He says he “find[s] it extremely difficult to hold it in check” and that he is “afraid [he] will loose [sic] control again and take [his] ninth [and] possibility tenth victim.” He refers to his last letter and the planned bus bombing, saying that the children are safe “[a]t the moment” because of his difficulties with the bomb. 

Was this cry for help genuine? Did the Zodiac – or part of him – really want someone to help him and stop him from committing more murders? Or was this, perhaps, simply done for the attention? Like so many questions we have about the Zodiac, we may never know the answers. 

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