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Is The Zodiac Movie Factual? 

Can The Zodiac Killer Mystery Be Solved?  The Zodiac Killer’s famed killing spree ended in the early 1970s. However, in spite of the fact that it has been decades since we’ve heard from the Zodiac, many are still dedicated to uncovering the mysteries he left behind.  Study The Facts Of The Zodiac Killer Case  If […]

Savannah Brymer of Killer Instinct Halloweek 2021

Savannah Brymer Continues Halloweek with the Zodiac Killer Savannah Brymer is a YouTube creator/influencer and the host of “Killer Instinct”, a true-crime podcast that sheds light on horrific events, but more importantly, attempts to bring justice to the many grieving families that these crimes have touched. Every Wednesday, Savannah breaks down the events leading up […]

News Media: FBI and Local Police Have Pushed Back Against Zodiac Killer ID

Multiple Media Outlets Report Zodiac Killer Case Remains Open National, and international outlets; NBC News, BBC News, and The Guardian, are reporting pushback against the claims the Zodiac Killer has been identified. The group responsible for the claim is known as The Case Breakers. On Wednesday, October 6, 2021, the group announced, via a press […]

Rolling Stone cites

The description for the following Rolling Stone YouTube video reads: Despite what you may have read in the news, the Zodiac Killer has not been identified. That’s according to an expert on the infamous, still-unknown serial killer who murdered at least five people in northern California in the late-Sixties. Video is Follow up to Published […]