Is The Zodiac The Only Killer To Send Letters?

Will The Zodiac Killer’s Identity Be Revealed? 

The Zodiac terrified and taunted the public of Northern California through the early 1960s and 1970s – and the memory of his crimes haunts many today. Is it possible his identity could still be revealed? Will his famous letters play a role in uncovering his identity? Only time will tell. 

Is The Zodiac The Only Killer To Send Letters? 

Arguably one of the reasons the Zodiac Killer case still draws so much attention is because of his letters. The Zodiac spoke directly to the public, although he never revealed his identity. Is the fact that the Zodiac sent letters make him unique? 

No. The Zodiac is far from the only serial murderer to send letters. In fact, famous serial killers you’ve likely already heard of have sent at least one known letter. One of the most famous examples we can note dates back to September 1888, when Jack the Ripper sent a letter to the Central News Agency. 

What makes the Zodiac more unique among letter-sending murderers are the facts that his identity was never discovered and that he was never caught. Many famous examples of letters sent by serial killers came from criminals who (unlike the earlier example of Jack the Ripper) were ultimately discovered, arrested, and punished for their crimes. Notable examples include the BTK killer Dennis Raider, the Beltway snipers of 2002, and Dr. H.H. Holmes who was said to have killed many in his “Murder Castle” in late 1800s Chicago. 

If the Zodiac’s letters lead to the reveal of his identity all these decades later, it’s unfortunately likely that there will be no one left to hold accountable for his horrific crimes. However, it may at least grant a sense of closure to this dark chapter of our history. 

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