Kendall Rae Updates on Zodiac Killer

Kendall Rae Provided Zodiac Killer Updates on Halloween

Zodiac Killer “Solved” and “Identified”

It is clear from Kendall Rae’s use of quotes in her video thumbnail that terms like “identified” and “solved” may be premature. Kendall is a True Crime YouTuber since 2016. Her content is centered around her passion for helping victims and their families find justice! She also has a podcast, the Mile Higher Podcast, you can find it on your favorite podcast broadcaster.

Zodiac Overview, 408, & 340 Cipher Updates

Thie latest video also has an extensive overview of the Zodiac Killer case with maps, photos, and documents to provide context. This overview is a must-watch for those that are new to the case and it is a nice refresher for those who are veterans of the cold case.

Zodiac Killer solved? – Latest Updates

Kendall spends the last 15 minutes with the latest updates regarding claims by the Case Breakers identifying Gary Poste as a suspect. A detailed update with some background information on Gary Poste and information about Jen Bucholtz, a Case Breakers Investigator, and a former army counterintelligence agent.

Kendall makes it clear that there isn’t much compelling evidence provided by the Case Breakers but provides the clearest version of their claims.

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Where to Find Kendall Rae

If you are interested in true crime, it is likely you already know Kendall Rae, she has amassed over 3 million Youtube subscribers to date. Speaking of YouTube, you can click the following links to subscribe to Kendall Rae and her Mile Higher Podcast. You can also find her on Instagram and Twitter.