Savannah Brymer of Killer Instinct Halloweek 2021

Savannah Brymer Continues Halloweek with the Zodiac Killer

Savannah Brymer is a YouTube creator/influencer and the host of “Killer Instinct”, a true-crime podcast that sheds light on horrific events, but more importantly, attempts to bring justice to the many grieving families that these crimes have touched. Every Wednesday, Savannah breaks down the events leading up to the crime, as well as proposes multiple theories as to what could’ve happened, all with the help of listeners and even the victim’s families.

Halloweek on Killer Instinct

Halloween is an annual tradition for Killer Instinct Podcast. While new podcasts are usually uploaded every Wednesday, during the Halloween season they are updated daily five days prior to Halloween. This year Savannah covers The Amazon Review Killer, The Greyhound Bus Murders, The Butcher Baker, and, of course, The Zodiac Killer.

Halloweek Ep.4 The Zodiac Killer Update

This is not Savanah’s first post about Zodiac Killer (video of her first post below), this is a highly requested update by her audience. The update includes new claims about solved ciphers and a new suspect. Savannah does her homework and has a fair assessment of the recent news that has been published in the media. Although Savannah calls this an update video, she does a great job providing initial background as well. Watch below.

Savannah’s First Zodiac Killer Vid

Where to Find Savannah Brymer

If you want more true crime commentary from Savannah Brymer you can listen to her Killer Instinct Podcast every Wednesday. You can also subscribe to her YouTube Channel, or follow her on Instagram and Twitter.