Take The Zodiac’s Letters With You 

What Will Reveal The Zodiac’s Identity? 

Although the Zodiac Killer case is decades old, there are many questions people are still seeking the answer to. The horrific crimes committed by the Zodiac in Northern California all those years ago still haunt our minds. Why did he commit these crimes? Who were the victims of his that were never found? What do the final cryptograms sent by the Zodiac say? Who was the Zodiac? 

The Zodiac Only Strategically Revealed Important Information 

One of the things about the Zodiac Killer case that draws so much attention are the infamous Zodiac Killer letters. In these letters, the Zodiac revealed limited information about himself – including his twisted personal beliefs, his plans for future crimes, his disdain for the police forces, and his confidence in his own intelligence and abilities. He teased more information in his cryptograms, only two of which have been solved. 

Although the Zodiac’s letters contain perhaps most of the information we know about him, the Zodiac was still careful to never fully give himself away. Still, many believe that through studying the Zodiac’s letters and ciphers, we may yet come to a conclusion about his identity. 

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