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Although more than 50 years have passed since the Zodiac took the lives of his first victims, people all over the world remain dedicated to the study of this serial killer case. You too can join those looking to solve the final mysteries of the Zodiac Killer case. Together, we have the best chance to answer long-asked questions about the man who called himself the Zodiac. 

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When you’re looking for facts and news about the Zodiac Killer case, make your number-one stop for all the latest. Here, you can easily find information about the Zodiac Killer case, including the facts as we know them. 

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Want to study the facts? Start here, on Here, you can read about the Zodiac Killer’s known victims as well as possible Zodiac Killer victims. You can read more on the high-profile Zodiac Killer suspects. You can also read the Zodiac’s letters and ciphers – study his words and perhaps even find the clue that will allow you to crack one of the last two ciphers. 

If you’re looking for more information about the case, consider reading Tom Voigt’s Zodiac Killer: Just the Facts. In this book, you can read through 200 pages of police reports related to the Zodiac Killer case. The easily searchable index allows you to find particular information quickly. 

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You can also depend on to bring you the latest news about the Zodiac Killer case. For example, we’ve recently attained new information about the bloody fingerprints left on the cab of Paul Stine following his murder. 

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