The Zodiac’s First Cipher 

The Zodiac Killer’s Ciphers Continue To Be Studied 

Decades after the Zodiac Killer was actively claiming victims in Northern California, the Zodiac Killer case remains one that many people continue to study today. One of the many things that has drawn people over the years to studying the Zodiac Killer case is his ciphers. 

The Zodiac Killer’s First Cipher 

The first cipher the Zodiac Killer wrote was sent in three separate parts alongside letters he sent to The Vallejo Times-HeraldThe San Francisco Examiner, and The San Francisco ChroniclePart 1part 2, and part 3 of the cipher are collectively known as the Z408 cipher, named for the number of characters in the cipher. Of the four ciphers sent by the Zodiac, this is the longest. 

The first cipher also happens to be the cipher that was solved the quickest. Within a week of the cipher’s publication, a North Salinas schoolteacher named Donald Harden and his wife Bettye sent their solution of the cipher to The San Francisco Chronicle.  

In the cipher, the Zodiac reveals how much he enjoyed committing his heinous crimes. He also reveals his unusual belief that his victims will be forced to serve him as slaves in the afterlife. He refuses to identify himself because he wants to collect more “slaves.” 

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