The Zodiac’s First Letter 

The Zodiac Killer Mystery – Can It Be Solved? 

Although it has been decades since anyone has heard from the killer who labeled himself the Zodiac, people still closely study the Zodiac Killer case. Why? The Zodiac’s horrific crimes haunted the Northern California populace in the 1960s and 1970s. Indeed, his deeds haunted people all over the world. Perhaps that is why so many remain dedicated to the hope that the case can be solved even after so many years. 

The Zodiac’s Unique Letters 

One of the most attention-catching details of the Zodiac Killer case is certainly the letters he left behind. His letters are, arguably, the closest anyone has come to knowing who the Zodiac Killer is. They reveal to us his personality, his goals, his motivations, etc. Undoubtedly, they are one of the things people study the most closely when considering this case. 

The Zodiac’s First Letter 

The first Zodiac letter – the one that started his trend of sending letters – was actually a set of three letters. These letters were linked to the murder of Cheri Jo Bates. On April 30th, 1967, 3 anonymous letters were mailed to the Riverside Police Department, the Riverside Press-Enterprise newspaper, and Joseph Bates – the victim’s father. All letters read some variation of claims that Bates “had to die” and a threat that “there will be more.” It was later, in a letter sent to the L.A. Times on March 13th, 1971 that the Zodiac took responsibility for Bates’s murder under the name “the Zodiac.” 

Read More Zodiac Letters 

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