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The Zodiac’s Haunting Letters 

Reading The Zodiac Killer’s Letters 

Although the Zodiac’s serial killer spree in Northern California has been over for more than half a century, there are many who are still dedicated to studying his letters. The Zodiac’s letters are one of the few ways we can get a glimpse at who the Zodiac really was. It may be that these letters will eventually help solve the mystery of his identity. 

The Zodiac Warns Of Incoming Bad News 

Less than one month after the letter in which he takes credit for the murder of Paul Stine, the Zodiac sent out his fourth letter. On November 8th, 1969, he sent out this letter – again to The San Francisco Chronicle

Rather than send a simple letter, though, he writes his words on a humorous postcard. He mockingly states that he thought the reader would “need a good laugh before you hear the bad news” and then claims that it’s news that the reader won’t get “for a while yet.” Presumably, he means the news of other people he either had already murdered at the time or future murders he had planned. 

With this letter, the Zodiac also sent his second cipher. Once again, he demands that this cipher be printed on the front page of The San Francisco Chronicle. He follows up with a threat – claiming that he gets “awfully lonely when [he is] ignored” and that this might cause him to “do [his] thing” – his “thing” obviously being to commit more murders. 

Read More Letters From The Zodiac 

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