The Zodiac’s “Little List” Letter 

The Zodiac Killer’s Words Continue To Haunt Our Minds 

Although the identity of the Zodiac remains a mystery, we still have access to the words of the Zodiac himself through the many letters he sent. These letters, which detail his horrific plans and twisted reasoning for killing, offer insight into the man we otherwise know so little about. 

The Zodiac’s “Little List” Letter 

The Zodiac’s “Little List” letter, sent on July 26, 1970, to The San Francisco Chronicle, opens with more demands for people to wear Zodiac-themed buttons decorated with the crosshair symbol he often writes on his letters. He says if people will not wear “nice” Zodiac buttons then they should wear “nasty” Zodiac buttons “or any type of [Zodiac] buttons that [they] can think up.” If no one will wear any buttons, the Zodiac declares he will “(on top of everything else) torture all 13 of [his] slaves in Paradice [sic].” 

After detailing how he might torture his slaves in the afterlife, the Zodiac tells readers about his “little list.” It is a list of “society offenders” that he insists “would never be missed.” The implication, arguably, is that he could easily kill the people on his “little list” and get away with it. Then he claims that it “doesn’t matter whom you place upon the list, for none of them be missed.” 

The “little list” serves as a frightening reminder of the Zodiac’s claims to have taken many more lives than those of the victims we know of. How many more lives might he have claimed that we know nothing about? 

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