The Zodiac Takes Credit For Stine’s Death 

The Zodiac Mocked The Public Through His Letters 

The Zodiac Killer is one of the most famed serial killers in American history, and it’s little wonder why. The murders he committed in the 1960s and 1970s in Northern California still haunt the memories of the public at large. The Zodiac surely ensured a place for himself in the collective memory of our culture through his mocking, threatening letters and cryptic ciphers. 

The Zodiac Admits To Murdering Paul Stine 

After the first letter – sent out in three copies – and the debut of “the Zodiac” letter, the third letter the Zodiac sent out was a letter in which he takes credit for Paul Stine’s death. As had become he habit, he sent this letter to a well-known Northern California Newspaper – The San Francisco Chronicle. The letter was mailed October 13th, 1969 – just two short days after Stine’s murder, which took place on the 11th

To prove that he murdered Stine, the Zodiac also sent “a blood stained piece of [Stine’s] shirt.” Indeed, when Stine’s body was found, a large portion of his shirt had been torn off. The Zodiac also refers to his previous murders before saying the police could have caught him for this murder if they’d searched for him more thoroughly. Perhaps most horrifyingly, the Zodiac goes on to talk about how school children make “nice targets” and detail his plans to target a bus of school children at some undetermined point in the future. 

One can only imagine the fear and unease reading these letters must have caused people in Northern California at the time. And yet, perhaps, these letters could someday be the key to unlocking the final Zodiac Killer mystery – the Zodiac’s identity. 

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