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The Zodiac Killer Mystery – Will You Be Able To Help Solve The Case? 

The Zodiac Killer case may be more than 50 years old now, but people all over the world remain dedicated to the study of this mysterious and frightening figure. His horrific crimes and threatening taunts left a sense of dread hovering over the population of 1960s and 1970s Northern California. That sense of dread can still be felt today – but it is also paired with the tentative hope that the final mysteries of the Zodiac Killer case may still be solved. 

Start Studying The Zodiac Killer Case 

If you’re just beginning your dive into the information available about the Zodiac Killer case, you’re in the right place. Zodiackiller.com has all of the information you need to get familiar with the basics. 

The Victims Of The Zodiac Killer 

Although the Zodiac Killer claimed through his letters to have had about 37 victims over the years, only a few victims were ever officially linked to the Zodiac Killer case. You can read about what happened to these unfortunate victims here. 

The Zodiac Killer Suspect List 

There have been many suspects over the course of the Zodiac Killer case. Some, however, drew more scrutiny and attention than others. Read about the Zodiac Killer suspects today. 

The Zodiac’s Letters And Ciphers 

One of the most unique aspects of the Zodiac Killer case is the fact that the Zodiac communicated with the police and the public through his letters and ciphers. The Zodiac’s letters and ciphers provide insight into the Zodiac’s motives and personality. 

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