Zodiac Killer Letter: Vallejo Times Letter

Was Arthur Leigh Allen The Zodiac? 

Zodiac Killer Letter: Vallejo Times Letter

The Zodiac Killer Was Never Caught 

The killer who named himself “The Zodiac” was responsible for many heinous assaults and murders in the 1960s and 1970s in Northern California. The crimes officially linked to the Zodiac Killer case are horrific enough in and of themselves, but the Zodiac bragged in his letters that he was responsible for many more crimes than the police ever linked him to. Is it possible that, after all these years, the Zodiac could be identified at last? 

Zodiac Killer Suspects: Arthur Leigh Allen 

When it comes to Zodiac Killer suspects, there are many possible names one could bring up. Among the names mentioned time and time again in relation to the Zodiac Killer case is Arthur Leigh Allen. Undoubtedly, Arthur Leigh Allen is the primary Zodiac Killer suspect in many people’s minds. In fact, as recently as 2007 one of the original Zodiac Killer detectives remained convinced that Arthur Leigh Allen was the Zodiac himself. 

Jack Mulanax was one of the detectives who worked with the Vallejo Police Department when the Zodiac began his killing spree in the 1960s. You can watch Mulanax speak to his conviction that Allen was the Zodiac in a clip available on the Official Zodiackiller.com YouTube channel. 

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