Who Are The Zodiac Suspects? 

The Zodiac Killer’s Identity Is A Mystery That Remains Unsolved 

In the 1960s and 1970s, the Zodiac became one of the most well-known serial killers. The brutal murders he committed, his taunting letters, and the cryptic ciphers he wrote are still avidly studied today by those who hope to solve the Zodiac’s mysteries – including his identity. Will we ever truly know who the Zodiac Was? 

Who Are The Zodiac Suspects? 

Of course, there have been many Zodiac suspects over the decades since his killing spree in Northern California. Of those suspects, however, arguably there are four who are the most famous Zodiac suspects. 

Richard Gaikowski 

Richard Gaikowski had a history in the military and medical training that arguably he could have put to good use if he were the Zodiac. He also worked for a newspaper that sometimes ran out-of-place sensationalist headlines about the Zodiac. Like many of the other suspects, he was in close proximity to some of the victims and places of crime. 

Arthur Leigh Allen 

Arthur Leigh Allen was a school teacher at the time of one of the earliest murders that some think may have been a Zodiac murder – the murder of Cheri Jo Bates. He was near the location when she died and admitted to friends that he had peculiar interests, such as a fascination with the concept of hunting humans for sport. 

Richard Marshall 

Richard Marshall, known to some as Rick, was part of the Navy for several years. Originally born In Texas, he moved to the California area during the time of the Zodiac’s activity. He became a Zodiac suspect because of some suspicious comments he made over his ham radio. 

Lawrence Kane 

Lawrence Kane was born as Lawrence Klien in Brooklyn, NY on April 29, 1924. According to the sister of Darlene Ferrin, confirmed Zodiac victim Kane had a fixation on Ferrin, following her for months shortly before she was murdered. followed Darlene for months, shortly before she was murdered. Further evidence that he may be the Zodiac came from Kathleen Johns, who identified him as her abductor. 

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