Will We Catch The Zodiac? 

The Zodiac Killer Has Yet To Be Identified 

Decades after his spree of killings in Northern California, the Zodiac Killer has yet to be identified. There has been no shortage of suspects over the years, yet no one has been definitively identified as the Zodiac himself. Is this mystery one that can still be solved? Will the Zodiac one day be held accountable for the crimes he committed? 

The Clues Are Out There – Can You Solve The Mystery? 

We have many clues that could be the key to identifying the serial killer who called himself the Zodiac. There are the facts of each case that has been linked to the Zodiac Killer. There are the letters the Zodiac sent, which are our biggest clue into his personality and psyche. There are also, of course, the ciphers the Zodiac sent along with his letters. 

While it may seem impossible to solve the mystery with these clues alone, groups who have studied the Zodiac Killer case have made great strides over the years in solving hints here and there. After all, only two out of his total of four ciphers remain unsolved. 

Can The Zodiac Killer Be Brought In For His Crimes? 

Unfortunately, many of the prime suspects – including Richard GaikowskiArthur Leigh AllenRichard Reed Marshall, and Lawrence Kane – have all since passed away. Even if the Zodiac Killer isn’t one of these men, given the period of his crimes in Northern California, it’s likely he has already passed away, too. However, even being able to posthumously identify the Zodiac would bring peace of mind to those who remain haunted by his horrendous crimes. 

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