Zodiac Cipher Solutions Could Still Be Possible

The Zodiac Killer Case Has Gone Cold 

Just over 5 decades ago, the serial killer who called himself “The Zodiac” haunted the Northern California area. Only 7 victims were confirmed to have had the unfortunate fate of meeting the Zodiac, but in his taunting letters to the Northern California police and public, he claims to have killed as many as 37 people. Now, this famous serial killer case has gone cold, but those who have studied the case for decades hope there might be a solution. 

What’s The Z13 Cipher? Why Is It So Important?


The Z13 cipher is one of the final two unsolved Zodiac ciphers. So named for its length – 13 characters – the cipher appears in one of the Zodiac’s letters, proceeded by the words “My name is-”. If the Zodiac’s words are to be believed, this could be the cipher that reveals his identity. 

Attempted Solutions Have Failed So Far 

Of course, many police officers, cipher specialists, and even concerned citizens have attempted to crack the Z13 cipher. Most recently, Fayçal Ziraoui, a french business consultant, has put forth his own attempts to solve both the Z13 cipher along with the Z32 cipher. Although Ziraoui remains convinced that he has found the answers, his solutions remain unconfirmed by the authorities. Our own Tom Voigt has said that Ziraoui, who has only spent “a little bit of time” researching the ciphers that many have studied for decades, appears to only have found his answers through the use of “smoke and mirrors.” 

Could the Z13 cipher ever be solved? Will it really contain the Zodiac’s identity? It seems only time will tell, but doubtless, there are those who will still dedicate their time to studying this famous serial killer case.


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