Zodiac Killer Suspects: Richard Gaikowski

What Do You Know About The Zodiac Killer Suspects? 

The Zodiac Killer case has yet to be solved in the decades since the killer’s stint in Northern California, but the case still holds a place in the minds of many today. Citizens and authorities alike have spent many hours trying to sift through the information left behind by the Zodiac Killer in his letters and ciphers, trying to find the hint that would finally identify this famous serial killer. Could we be closer to a solution than we think, or are we still decades away from learning the truth? 

Zodiac Killer Suspects: Richard Gaikowski 

If you’re familiar with the Zodiac Killer suspects, you’ve likely heard the name Richard Gaikowski. Richard Gaikowski is one of the most high-profile suspects associated with the Zodiac Killer case. 

What exactly makes Gaikowski suck a likely suspect? For one, his military history and training as a medic would shed some light on some of the Zodiac’s behaviors, such as cutting off the shirttail of one of his victims. Gaikowski was also in close proximity to a few of the victims associated with the Zodiac before their assaults and was seen attending the funeral of one of the victims. 

Gaikowski worked for a counterculture newspaper called Good Times, which was associated with radical ideology. The publication sometimes ran sensationalized headlines about the Zodiac Killer which seemed out of place among the other content of the newspaper.  

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