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Will The Final Zodiac Killer Mysteries Be Solved? 

The serial killer who later named himself the Zodiac began his serial killing spree in Nothern California in the late 1960s and continued through the early 1970s. Although it has been decades since anyone has heard from him, people all over the world are still dedicated to uncovering the mysteries he left behind. One can only wonder how far we are from solving those final mysteries now, more than 50 years after he claimed his first victims. 

Are You Dedicated To Studying The Zodiac Killer Case? 

According to the FBI, as recently as this year – 2022 – “The FBI’s investigation into the Zodiac Killer remains open and unsolved.” Authorities and citizens alike remain dedicated to studying and investigating this decades-old case. It is of course worth mentioning that some of the most notable breakthroughs in the Zodiac Killer case were thanks to the efforts of concerned citizens. In fact, both of the two solved Zodiac ciphers were cracked not by authorities, but by amateurs.  

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