Zodiac Letters: 1969 Vallejo Times-Herald Letter and Cipher

In July 1969 a letter was mailed to the Vallejo Times-Herald. It also contained the first of three ciphers. The letters claimed credit for the first two attacks at Lake Herman Road of Betty Lou Jensen and David Arthur Faraday on December 20th, 1968,

Vallejo Times-Herald Letter

(Transcript Below)

Zodiac Killer Letter:  Vallejo Times Letter

Vallejo Times-Herald Letter Transcript

Dear Editor
I am the killer of the 2 teen-agers last Christmass at Lake Herman and the Girl last 4th of July. To Prove this I shall state some facts which only I + the police know.
1 Brand name of ammo Super X
2 10 Shots fired
3 Boy was on back feet to car
4 Girl was lyeing on right side
feet to west
4th of July
1 Girl was wearing patterned Pants
2 Boy was also shot in knee
3 Brand name of ammo was Western
Here is a cyipher or that is part of one. the other 2 parts
have been mailed to the S.F. Examiner + the S.F. Chronicle I want you to print this cipher on your frunt page by Fry Afternoon Aug 1-69, If you do not do this I will go on a kill ram page Fry night that will last the whole week end.
I will cruse around and pick of all stray people or coupples that are alone then move on to kill some more untill I have killed over a dozen people.

Cipher (1/3)

Cipher 1 of 3 Key

Zodiac Killer times-herald-cipher-key-1-of-3

Cipher Key 1 of 3 (transcript below)


I like killing people because it is so much fun. It is more fun than killing wild game in the forrest because man is the most dangerous animal of all. To kill something gi

Vallejo Times-Herald Envelope Front

zodiac killer times-herald-envelope-front

Vallejo Times-Herald Envelope Back

Zodiac Killer times-herald-envelope-back

Zodiac Letters: 1967 April 30th

On April 30th, 1967 the Zodiac Killer mailed three letters. One to Riverside Press-Enterprise, one to Joseph Bates, the victim Cheri Jo Bate’s father, and the Riverside Police department. All three were postmarked from Riverside, Calif.

Letter/Envelope 01:
Sent to Riverside Press-Enterprise

Letter/Envelope 02:
Sent to Joseph Bates, victim’s father

Letter/Envelope 03:
Sent to Riverside Police Department

Zodiac Letters: 1966 December Riverside Desktop Poem

In December of 1966, a desktop poem was discovered at the Riverside City College Library. If the poem is referring to the victim Cheri Jo Bates it would have been written before October 30th, 1966.

Transcript below:

Sick of living/unwilling to die

if red /
blood spurting,
all over her new
oh well
it was red
life draining into an
uncertain death.
she won’t
this time
someone ll find her.
just wait till
next time.